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B12. Nijman V (2013) One hundred years of solitude: effects of long-term forest fragmentation on the primate community of Java, Indonesia. Pp 33-45 in Marsh LK, Chapman CA (eds). Primates in Fragments Complexity and Resilience. Springer, New York
B11. Marsh LK, Chapman CA, Arroyo-Rodríguez V, Cobden AK, Dunn JC, Gabriel D, Ghai R, Nijman V, Reyna-Hurtado R, Serio-Silva JC, Wasserman MD (2013) Primates in fragments 10 years later: once and future goals. Pp 503-523 in Marsh LK, Chapman CA (eds). Primates in Fragments Complexity and Resilience. Springer, New York

B10. Nijman V 2013. Distribution and ecology of the most tropical of the high-elevation montane colobines: the ebony langur on Java. In Gursky-Doyen S. et al. (eds.), High Altitude Primates. Springer, New York.

B9. Nijman V, Todd M, Shepherd CR. 2012. Wildlife trade as an impediment to conservation as exemplified by the trade in reptiles in Asia. Pp 390-405 in Gower DJ et al. (eds) Biotic evolution and environmental change in southeast Asia, Cambridge University Press
B8. Nijman V 2010. Javan Hawk-Eagle. Pp 146-152 In Katzner T, Tindege R (eds).
The Eagle Watchers, observing and conserving raptors around the world. Cornell University Press, Ithaca.
B7. Nijman V. 2010. Ecology and conservation of the Hose’s langur group (Colobinae:
Presbytis hosei, P. canicrus, P. sabana): a review. Pp 269-284 In S. Gursky and J. Supriatna, (eds). Behavior, ecology and conservation of Indonesian primates. Progress and Prospects in Primatology. [proofs only]
B6. Nekaris KAI, Llano Sanchez K, Thorn JS, Winarti I, Nijman V. 2009. Javan slow loris
Nycticebus javanicus É. Geoffroy, 1812Pp 44-46 in Mittermeier RA, Wallis J, Rylands AB, Ganzhorn JU, Oates JF, Williamson EA, Palacios E, Heymann EW, Kierulff MCM, Long Yongcheng, Supriatna J, Roos C, Walker S, Cortés-Ortiz L, Schwitzer C (eds.), Primates in Peril: The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates 2008–2010. IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group (PSG), International Primatological Society (IPS), and Conservation International (CI), Arlington, VA.
B5. Nijman V, Ng J, Shepherd CR 2008 Trade in Borneo’s orang-utans and gibbons. Pp 121-128 in Persoon GA, Osseweijer M (eds) Reflections on the Heart of Borneo. Tropenbos Series 24. Tropenbos Foundation, Wageningen.
B4. Nijman V 2001. Forest (and) Primates. Wageningen: Tropenbos International, i-vi, 1-232 (ISBN 90-5113-052-x).
B3. Nijman, V. 2000. Effects of behavioural changes due to habitat disturbance on density estimation of rainforest vertebrates as illustrated by gibbons (Hylobatidae). Pp 217-225 in Hillegers P, de Iongh HH (eds) The balance between biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of tropical rainforests. Tropenbos Foundation, Wageningen.

B2. Sozer R, Nijman V, Setiawan I 1999. Panduan identifikasi Elang Jawa Spizaetus bartelsi / Identification manual for Javan Hawk-eagle Spizaetus bartelsi. Jakarta: Biodiversity Conservation Project LIPI-JIKA, PKA, 1-48 (ISBN 97-9958-6216).
B1. Sozer R, Nijman V 1995. Behavioural ecology distribution and conservation of Javan Hawk-eagle
Spizaetus bartelsi. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, i-viii, 1-122 (ISSN 0928-2386).

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