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PhD and MPhil Students


Stephanie Poindexter – Behavioural plasticity in captivity: The implications of varying stereotypies in the captive management of rescued Lorisids [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2014 - ]

Jaima Smith
– Conservation of the Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch): The role of rehabilitation and reintroduction [Oxford Brookes University, 2014- ]

Marco Campera – Behavioural ecology of the Endangered Eulemur collaris in the lowland rainforests of Tsitongambarika, South-Eastern Madagascar [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Dr G Donati, 2013- ]

Peter Roberts
– Human-wildlife conflict in the production of civet coffee in Java, Indonesia [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2013- ]

Aoife Healy
– Conservation of Africa’s most ubiquitous primates: management, mitigation and mapping [Oxford Brookes University, 2012-]

Magdalena Svensson – Diversity, biogeography, and conservation of night monkey (genus Aotus): a continent-wide interdisciplinary approach [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2011- ]
Svensson MS, Samudio R, Bearder SK, Nekaris KAI 2010. Density estimates of Panamanian owl monkeys (
Aotus zonalis) in three habitat types. American Journal of Primatology 72: 187-192.


Dave A. Ehlers-Smith – The conservation and ecology of the endemic primates of Indonesia [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Dr S Cheyne 2014- ]
Ehlers Smith DA, Ehlers Smith YC (2013). Population density of red langurs in Sabangau tropical peat-swamp forest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
American Journal of Primatology 75: 837-847

Johanna Rode-Margono – The only poisonous primates: the ecological context of venom in wild and reintroduced slow lorises [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2011-2015]

Camille NZ Coudrat – Species distribution, abundance and conservation in Nakal-Nam Theun National Protected Area, central eastern Laos [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2010-2013]
Coudrat CNZ, Rogers LD, Nekaris KAI 2011. Abundance of primates reveals Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia as a priority area for conservation.
Oryx 45: 427-434

Annie Elvidge – Captive breeding programmes for nocturnal prosimians [MRes, Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2011-2013]

Sam Shanee – Conservation and ecology of Andean primates in Peru [Oxford Brookes University, 2011-2013]

Shanee S, Shanee N (2011). Activity budget and behavioural patterns of free-ranging yellow-tailed woolly monkeys Oreonax flavicauda (Mammalia: Primates), at La Esperanza, northeastern Peru. Contributions to Zoology 80(4): 269-277

Richard Moore – Ethics, ecology and evolution of Indonesian slow lorises (Nycticebus spp) rescued from the pet trade [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2009-2012]

Moore RS 2011. Sightings of Javan small-toothed palm civets Arctogalidia trivirgata trilineata on Gunung Salak, West Java, Indonesia. Small Carnivore Conservation 44: 38–39.

Yvonne A de Jong
– Taxonomy, diversity, biogeography and conservation of the primates of Kenya and Tanzania [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2011-2012]

De Jong YA, Butynski TM, Isbell LA, Lewis C. 2009. Decline in the geographical range of the southern patas monkey Erythrocebus patas baumstarki in Tanzania. Oryx 43: 267-274.

Chris R Shepherd – Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade in Southeast Asia: The effectiveness of CITES as a conservation tool [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris and Prof SK Bearder, 2005-2012].
Nijman V, Shepherd CR. 2010. The role of Asia in the global trade in CITES II-listed poison arrow frogs: hopping from Kazakhstan to Lebanon to Thailand and beyond.
Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 1963-1970.

Ente Rood – Elephant endurance in Aceh: the effects of habitat disturbance and land cover change on the conservation of Sumatran elephants in Aceh, Indonesia [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris and Prof SK Bearder, 2007-2011].
Rood E, Gani AA, Nijman V. 2010. Using presence only models to predict elephant habitat suitability in a disturbed environment: implications for conservation.
Diversity and Distributions 16: 975-984.

Angela Maldonado – The impact of subsistence hunting by Tikunas on game species in Amacayacu National Park, Colombian Amazon [Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof SK Bearder, 2005-2010]
Maldonado A, Nijman V, Bearder SK 2009. Trade in night monkeys
Aotus spp. in the Brazil-Colombia-Peru tri-border area: international wildlife trade regulations are ineffectively enforced. Endangered Species Research 9(2): 143-149

Rachel Munds – Population density surveys, trapping and taxonomic investigation of the nocturnal primates of Borneo: Bornean tarsier (Tarsius bancanus borneanus) and Bornean slow loris (Nycticebus menagensis). [MPhil, Oxford Brookes University, supervised with Prof KAI Nekaris, 2008-2010]

Mansour Aliabadian – Systematics and biogeography of Palearctic avifauna: evolution, hybridisation and secondary contact zones [University of Amsterdam, supervised with Prof SBJ Menken and Prof M Veith, 2003-2007].
Aliabadian A, Kaboli M, Prodon R, Nijman V, Vences M 2007 Phylogeny of Palearctic weatears (genus
Oenanthe) – congruence between morphometric and molecular data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 42: 665-675.

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