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Vincent Nijman

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Primatology and Primate Conservation

Scientific Interests

We, that is me, my students and co-workers, work on a wide range of primatological topics, from predicting and mitigating levels of crop-raiding, modelling distribution ranges and pure ecological studies. My own research is centred largely around Asian taxa (gibbons, langurs, macaques, and slow lorises see picture on the right showing an infant greater slow loris from Sumatra) but I collaborate with others as to include other taxa and indeed other regions. Primates are not faring all well, with a high proportion of them being globally threatened, and my research aims to be of conservation and management relevance. Most of my PhD students work on primate-related projects.

Key publications

Thorn J, Smith D, Nijman V, Nekaris KAI. 2009. Ecological niche modelling as a technique for assessing threats and setting conservation priorities for Asian slow lorises (Primates: Nycticebus). Diversity and Distributions 15(3): 289298

Nijman V, Meijaard E. 2008. Zoogeography of primates in insular Southeast Asia: species-area relationships and the effects of taxonomy. Contributions to Zoology 77: 117-126.

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