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Vincent Nijman

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Wildlife Trade

Scientific Interests

The trade in wildlife –that is animals and plants- is a truly global enterprise, and one that can have dramatic impacts on populations, species and whole ecosystems. I regularly visit wildlife markets, where animals and plants are openly traded, traders, middlemen and collectors, with the aim of gaining a greater insight in the impacts trade has on the conservation of imperilled species. While the results of my research are regularly published in scientific journals I also have published, and hopefully continue to publish, these results in (peer-reviewed) reports for TRAFFIC, the global wildlife trade network (these can be found under ‘commissioned reports’).

Key publications
Phelps J, Webb EL, Bickford D, Nijman V, Sodhi NS 2010. Boosting CITES. Science 330: 1752-1753

Nekaris KAI, Starr CR, Shepherd CR, Nijman V 2010. Revealing culturally-specific patterns in wildlife trade via an ethnoprimatological approach: a case study of slender and slow lorises (Loris and Nycticebus) in South and Southeast Asia. American Journal of Primatology 72: 877-886.

Nijman V. 2010. An overview of the international wildlife trade from Southeast Asia.
Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 1101-1114

Nijman V, Shepherd CR, van Balen S. 2009. Declaration of the Javan hawk-eagle as Indonesia’s National Rare Animal impedes conservation of the species.
Oryx 43(1): 122-128.

Nijman V, Shepherd CR 2009. Wildlife trade from ASEAN to the EU: Issues with the trade in captive-bred reptiles from Indonesia. TRAFFIC Europe Report for the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

Shepherd CR, Nijman V 2008. Elephant and ivory trade in Myanmar. TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur

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